Part Time Babysitting Services

9_Part Time Babysitting ServiceWe are the people to call when you require a part time sitter.

Baby Sitting hires both full and part time sitters.  Regardless of their schedule, each employee is completely vetted.  Background, extensive interviews, check to see if they have any criminal record and make certain that they are competent and experienced sitters. Babysitting Services/Babysitting has become one of our biggest and strongest branches. We offer part-time babysitters who are experienced and trained to take care of all your baby’s needs.

Other services we offer are:

  • Full-Time Live-In and Live-Out Babysitters
  • Part-Time Live-Out Babysitters
  • 24-hour Baby Specialists
  • Night-Time Baby Specialists
  • Weekend Babysitters

You and your sitter will define your sitting needs.  Our sitters are prepared to work during the daytime, night or overnight.  They will come to you, wherever you are, including: the family home, restaurant, shops, hotel or corporate events. Our advantages are:

  • The best choice for your family
  • We maintain the highest standards
  • Making the right choice

We work hard to connect you with the perfect sitter – one who fits your family’s routines and lifestyle.

We have a complete picture of your requirements and will find the perfect sitter to meet your needs.

Once you and your sitter have connected and you are happy with one another, you may call us at anytime to get questions answered or have us deal with any issues.

Contact us for more information at (561) 123-1234